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    Akame Ga Kill made me cry last night ;_;
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    It wouldn't let me add Spoiler to the title so I just closed it, kinda new at that sort of battle thing so I'm gonna stay away for a while lol
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    Watch the anime ma focka >.>

    The series is 10x better than Naruto atm.
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    Do you read/watch Akame Ga Kill by any chance?
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    Weren't you gone during May though? That's probably wwhy no one made a thread
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    Regardless, I am about 100% sure that some scary sh*t is about to happen. The game basically just set it up for me to get scared lol.

    I wanted that to all be one post, but the VM thing just told me to f*ck off lol
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    The main problem I am having, however, is that the game doesn't give you any hints as to what to do next, you pretty much have to figure it all out for yourself. In my opinion, this is awesome for a horror game, however, I got lost at least 3 or 4 times, one time for about 30 minutes (Which I will skip in that episode for the sake of sakeness) trying to figure out what the f*ck to do. Since the game runs on a Dead Space-ish mission system (Open world, but each objective needs you going to the next place in the ship) the way that missions or objectives are played out can be confusing. Dead Space had the beacon thing that lead you to the next objective, in Aliens: Isolation, you just have to figure it out yourself, but this leads to a better understanding of the world rather than just following a beacon, you will actually pay attention to what certain areas look like n sh*t.
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    the game is damn interesting, has great atmosphere, good gramphics and controls, and it knows how to not make conversations that are stupid happen. Like for example, one guy starts to explain something that is general knowledge in this universe but something we don't know, and just as he gets the information that we need in, the main character quickly says, "I know that stuff, get on with it." This way the game teaches us what we need to know, and at the same time, keeps the progression going pretty fast. Cutscenes are about 3-4 minutes each though, and you see them at least 4 times in the first hour of the game, but they are meant to get the player engaged with the storyline and what the f*ck is going on.

    In some games, you can peek around corners by having your character tilt to the side. In this game you can do that, but you can also tilt upwards/over things, so you can peek over railings n sh*t.
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    Yes, I did record it, and I am editing it and uploading it in an episode format to Youtube, I suggest not watching the Twitch streamed version due to... Well, I wasted about 30 minutes getting lost lol

    However, for like, the first hour and a half, nothing actually 'scary,' happens, it's just really spooky. And I get scared pretty easy by scary games lol. But since I'm doing this as a Let's Play, I gots to show that stuff.

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