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    lol, see? No actual users, just another wave of bots
    even the same bots from india, the once that already invaded here 2 weeks ago
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    dang, just realized we are the only people online here... this is not even funny anymore XD

    feels so ronery here >.>

    And i see 7-8 guests "registering" in the who-is-online list. Lol yeah right. All at the same time. It's just another attack of spambots. Thats probably the only thing you missed while being inactive for 2 weeks XD
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    That's pretty much the same thing Onomatopeia (who i had even dragged over here) said to me in one of his last messages, before never showing up on SGZ. "It's more dead than SI here" I tend to agree on that...

    And honestly, i don't even know how to contribute to the forum, i don't play that many anime games. The last "anime" game i really played was probably Final Fantasy IX on a psx emulator about a year ago, lol. And before that it was Ni no Kuni, that Studio Ghibli fantasy-rpg. Two anime games in about two years.
    But anime games are the main focus of the site...
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    "The Jewish messiah is a leader anointed by God, physically descended from the Davidic line, who will rule the united tribes of Israel and herald the Messianic Age of global peace also known as the World to Come."

    "Christians believe that prophecies in the Hebrew Bible (especially Isaiah) refer to a spiritual savior and believe Jesus to be that Messiah."

    To make it short, Juha Bach is apparently... Jesus
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    ok i take it that means you don't know much ^_^

    well, to make it short, because i don't have much time, we Christians believe that Jesus was actually the jewish Messiah. Christianity developed from jewish religion, the main difference is, Christians believe that the Messiah actually appeared 2000 years ago in the form of Jesus, while Jews still wait for the Messiah.
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    hmm, how much do you know about christianity and jewish religion?
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    Juha Bach is actually a jew. Thats what the chapter says. In fact, he might have even been the jewish Messiah. Correct me if i'm wrong, but people in the Bleach world were once humans in the real world, right? According to this chapter, Juha Bach was born in ancient times in some place where the people worshipped a God called YAWEH. Well, where might that be? The historic Israel. The dude is a jew and not only that, he is also a jew with healing powers. Where have we heard that before? Yep, the freaking Messiah.
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    Juha Bach seems to be one badass mother****er. Well, i know some stuff about jewish mythology, will give it a more detailed look later, don't have the time right now
  9. No no haha, I watched the anime first, and then switched over to the manga. I read the penultimate arc because it was a short one.
    I skimmed through SS arc, and noticed some major differences. Maybe I would've liked that arc if I had just read it.
    Arrancar Saga is just too much to read.

    Yeah the gap between the anime and manga was only 3 chapters. And no, we still don't have enough material because the chapters are rather short compared to the other series. When the anime started, there was a difference of 160 chapters. Once the anime caught up(within 60 epiosdes), the anime went on filler-mode for 60 episodes straight. People don't want that ever to happen. Besides since then there was a filler arc after every 20 episodes. You couldn't blame Studio Pierrot, there just wasn't enough material. They want to avoid this scenario again.
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    Huh? You started Bleach backwards? With the last two arcs?

    Oh alright, you've been mostly watching the anime. I heard it had been cancelled because it was close to reaching the chapter limit of the manga. But that information is like 2 years old, i guess production has resumed again. Oh wait, let me guess, that was the reason you started the manga? D:

    Deterred a lot of the Juice? Lol, sounds like fun. Any particular reason, or is it just because the new bad guys are germans.

    I think the main reason that still keeps me from touching Bleach is because i hear so many people crying PLOTHOLE all the time. Had enough of those in Naruto already
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