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Thread: Pictures Of You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaguya View Post
    Do you even lift?

    I'm razzing, hon'. Nice photo. Have you ever done an L cosplay?
    Nah. I haven't cosplayed before.

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    Heavy-metal Gym day.

    One Day I Want To Fight You All Out..
    To find out which is stronger between my styles and Yours..
    ..But as long as my eyes are black, i'm not going to lose!

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    In the prime of his youth.

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    his thread reminds me of the fact that I don't have any photos of my self, I hate photos and not because am ugly or anything

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    picture of you

    Quote Originally Posted by LOhEll View Post
    Nah. I haven't cosplayed before.
    So What

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    his how are you my freinds why i cant message to any one

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    All pictures are looking amazing and so cute.

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    Too lazy to read So I pretend that I read everything.

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