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    Staff Members

    Here is a list of all the current site staff members and what they do


    Shonen, RyuujiTK, Zephyr(Currently inactive)

    The administrators manage the technical back-end needed to keep the site in order and running. Shonen is a Co-Founder of the site and manages all debates in the result that a moderator cannot resolve a problem. RyuujiTK is the Lead Web Developer, and handles the website architecture and layout. If your having trouble accessing a portion of the site, or need to contact someone about another user/staff member. Please contact any of the three admins.

    -Super Moderators-


    Super Moderators oversee all sections within the forum. They make sure that the site is free of spam and advertising bots, as well as handling reports, moving/editing/closing threads. If you have an issue with a member or find someone not following the Forum Guidelines, contact a super mod.


    Unlike Super Moderators, Moderators exist to moderate a specific forum section. Talk to them if you have any problems or questions in their respected area.

    -Website Staff Members-

    Griffin, Kira, RyuujiTK, Shonen, SteelBallJack, Tim

    Staff members of ShonenGameZ refers to our writers, editors, & translators on the front end of the website. These members may periodically be seen around the forum. Feel free to ask them any questions pertaining to their areas.
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