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Thread: Guidelines for vs. Threads

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    Guidelines for vs. Threads


    I think pretty much everyone keeps this in mind.

    Any form of a series that the original author or creator had the largest part, and near full autonomy, in creating. This would of course mean manga for most series, and anime for a select few. In 99% of most cases, whatever form of a series came first is what is considered to be canon.

    There are some special cases though, like with Final Fantasy VII, where two of the creators of the original game, Nomura Tetsuya and Nojima Kazushige, were also the directors of the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In this case, the movie is also considered canon, even though it isn't the original form of the series.

    Another is s-CRY-ed, where both the anime and manga were written by the same person, but both series ended up being totally different. It is completely up to those replying in the thread to choose which version of the characters involved should be used.

    ^^(Credit goes to the MMAthematician from NF for this part of my post)


    This is an important factor when deciding the victor in a hypothetical match-up as many fighters' strategies and course of action varies depending on the terrain they are fighting on. A good example is Gaara fighting in a desert, Kabuto fighting in a cave, Zabuza fighting in a terrain with water surfaces nearby, etc. If the location is not specified in the OP, one could immediately assume that the battle is taking place in an unobstructed, infinitely large dome (neutral battlefield).


    Pretty much self-explanatory. In this part of your scenario, you are going to specify whatever knowledge you gave to both sides. You can give them knowledge about certain abilities (example: Ichigo knows Luffy is a Rubberman, Luffy knows that Ichigo's fighting style revolves around swords and high speed movement -Shunpo-), Manga knowledge (meaning they retain the knowledge they initially had in the Manga), full knowledge, or no knowledge at all. The knowledge is Manga for all combatants, unless otherwise stated by the original poster.

    Plot Influence:

    Null and void. Plot won't have any influence on the scenario presented.

    Starting Distance:

    Combatants start 20 meters apart from one another.


    The combatants' state of mind. It should be in-character, but with the intent to kill, unless otherwise specified by the original poster. There are many other options like "bloodlusted", meaning that the combatants will try to end their battles as soon as possible, even by using what should be their last resort right off the bat. You can add "calm" to the bloodlust, which means they are trying to end their battles as soon as possible, however they retain their sanity, common sense and cautiousness.


    Sometimes, it is necessary to make slight or even significant changes so that you can have a fair battle. This is where most of the changes are made. You can ban overpowered abilities, restrict the superior combatant to a weaker version to balance out the battle, add some conditions to allow the underdog to fight on par with the superior combatant. If no restrictions/conditions are specified, then it could be assumed that all combatants retain all feats they have shown in the Manga.

    I left a few things intentionally due to said things needing an entire discussion between two or more experienced Battledomers.
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    great guideline.!

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    really interesting artilce

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