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Thread: What did you do on Christmas?

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    What did you do on Christmas?

    What did you do on Christmas? Do you play games?
    I am a game lover, I like war games very much,so I spent my holiday with games! The game I am playing is Goddess of war, do you know this game?
    Goddess of War

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    I do boring things visiting granparents

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    Of course, traveling!
    Update gun mayhem 3.0

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    just eating and sleeping

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    I guess I did nothing.

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    Maybe chitchated with friends.

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    I was testing the new game called Valorant. All my office colleagues play it in their free time. A great shooter from Riot Games, highly recommend And at the same time I was testing boosters for Valorant. Got them here Btw if you are a fan of this game like me than this service will be really helpful as I haven't met offers with lower prices and better support on the web.
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    I was relaxing with my parents. We have a traditions dinner and family evening.

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    thanks for the info.

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    Lol. This thread a bit old, but u still there/
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