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Thread: car rental experience

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    car rental experience

    has someone rented a car abroad? Is it a better idea than using public transport?

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    Had very bad experience of rental cars.

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    One of my friends have gone abroad and he shared that he rented a car for the safety purpose

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    And it was good experience of him

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    Yes, it's much better! I rented a car for the first time when I last month was in Vancouver. I accidentally came across this car rental service and saw that if I order a car in advance, it will be much cheaper. I decided why not to try. You know, it's the best way to move around the city and explore every part of it. You don't have to spend a lot of time on public transport and ride on a crowded bus. What is more, it's also a safe way of moving, because in any case of damage, with the insurance everything will be ok.

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    I have my own one.

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    Thanks for the post

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    I have my own car

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    own car is better

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    Much better I believe )

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