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Thread: In which European city did you like to relax?

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    In which European city did you like to relax?

    Hello everybody. Soon I want to go on a trip. I would like to visit some cool city in Europe where you can not only look at cultural places, but also have fun.

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    Hello. Last year I went to drive to Riga. That was my stag party. I liked it there very much. Just imagine: riga latvia stag do. That was incredible. In addition to having fun there, we also saw many cultural and very beautiful places.

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    Oh, I was thinking about my last trip, I was choosing between few destinations, and finally decided to go to Athens. When I was planning my trip there, I found out that there are a lot of beautiful places and historical sites, and I wanted to visit them all. But it's hard to imagine how uncomfortable it'll be to ride to a famous beach on a crowded bus when the temperature is high. And other tourist attractions are located outside the town, so I thought that it would be better to see everything using a rented car. I rented a car in advance on to be sure that other tourists will not rent all the cars. And it was the right decision because the price was reasonable, and I saved a lot of time!

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    I think it’s important to visit museums and bars

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    I would love to spend my holidays in Amsterdam.

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    I guess Barcelona is the right pick )

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    I was in Mallorca two years ago. It was unforgettable! I consider this my trip to be one of the best. But still, my trip to Dubai impressed me the most. On the first day of rest there, I got more emotions than a week of rest in Mallorca. I would give any money to return there! It's really worth it!
    The only thing I didnít really like in Dubai was that in this city it is almost impossible to move around without a car. In the end, I had to rent a car. It's good that I came across an excellent car rental service:
    Thanks to this service, I was able to rent a good car at a low price. So I traveled around Dubai, drove along the dunes, and rode camels. That was very cool! Everyone should visit Dubai at least once in a lifetime!

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    I always wanted to visit Bruges, my brother spoke very well about him, he works as a trucker

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