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Thread: have trouble with opening video

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    have trouble with opening video

    Few weeks ago I bought Mac, and sometimes I can't open videos there. What is the problem?

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    Do you have a video converter downloaded on your Mac? I think that with it there should be no problem with opening videos. I have such a converter, and video with AVI, MP4, FLV and other formats open with no issues. Anyway, I recommend you to check this blog post about free video converters, and there will be enough info about each, so you can compare all the pros and cons and choose the one to download.

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    If you refresh the page with the video, then after 4-5 unsuccessful attempts with an error, the video may start playing normally. In the article: you can find out about this problem and how to solve it. I also noticed that the error does not appear if you work with youtube in only one tab and do not open the video in others.

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    no, I never face this issue

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    No troubles cmon )

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    Hello. I had a similar problem. Initially, I thought that this could be due to the fact that I did not install the necessary drivers, but that was not the point. It all happened when I read an article about why you should buy YouTube subscribers -

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    yes, maybe in converters

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