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Thread: Good Tube Amps at Around 5 Watts?

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    Good Tube Amps at Around 5 Watts?

    I got into a guitar program at school and my 50 pound Deluxe and my huge Gretsch aren't gonna cut it. I'm going to get a Fender Telecaster but I need a small ~5w amplifier that is light, compact and sounds good.

    I was looking at the Vox AC4 and the Fender Champ already, but I want to know all my options. I want a tube amp with no effects shit on it, just a simple clean amp for blues.

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    That seems to suggest that Fender 5 watt Amp are the only people who should make strat-shape guitars and Gibson the only people who should make single-cuts in that style, with perhaps an exception for boutique luthiers.

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