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Thread: Anonymous Weekly Manga Suggestion Thread - Cage of Eden

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    Post Anonymous Weekly Manga Suggestion Thread - Cage of Eden

    Hey there, i'm Anonymous, and every week i'll be suggesting a new manga for you guys to read. We can start the "Anonymous Manga" Club in another thread to use for discussions about the manga's that I'll make threads about, and I really do hope this broadens your overall collection of read manga.

    This Week's Manga: Cage of Eden

    What happens when you take a large group of students and adults, drop their airplane on an island inhabited with Dinosaurs and other ridiculous creatures, and let their new society bring out the worst in each of them? Madness. Madness is the best way to explain this series, which centers around the main character Sengoku Akira. With a splash of Ecchi, but very serious and nihilistic story telling, you'll come to love this very fun, and epic journey. Discover the secret behind the island, in Cage of Eden!

    This series is similar to:

    Jurassic Park
    Attack on Titan

    Check it out here:

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    Uhhh...Looks interesting, I'll give it a look

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    similar to attack on titan? consider it read!
    You know you liked it~

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