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Thread: New web site creating

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    New web site creating

    Hello everyone, I began to be interested in how to make my own website, I would like to know some options and subtleties of this. Now Iím learning HTML and thinking of trying to do everything right right away. Are there any tips regarding this?

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    And I started to study a little more in parallel with SEO and would like to know the different flew, what and how to do first

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    Well, first of all, I would advise you not to rush and start doing something small, one HTML will not be enough, but well, it takes a lot of time to promote a site, it wonít be done in one day

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    There are already a lot of manuals and video tutorials on the Internet. Looking for what you need a site for, this is also very important, you can look at how to create a website and think about what technologies you will need and if you have enough skills. With the help of the practical guide on how to make a website in, you will be able to understand how and what works, and I think that you will have enough initial confidence in further study

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    thanks for the info.

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    I will definetly look through this

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    Thanks for the recommendations!

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    very interesting

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