Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Future Warrior Summons Shenron For His First Wish


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  • AzIz

    How to collect them

  • The Unknown ME

    New video shows the full roster (but no vegeta ss4 in it)..

    • bleadze

      Awesome list but I still ain’t feeling broly his meant to be a bit wider and his neck here is too long lol his the only person that don’t look legit

      • The Unknown ME

        Well thank god broly is in the game cuz there’s so many missing movie characters here like ssj Gogeta and cooler and janemba.. Those are awesome characters and I really hope they add them via DLC later!

        • bleadze

          So true!

  • bleadze


  • Shad Karim

    how do you get the DBs?please tell us!

  • Masso

    How do you get the dragon balls???!!!