Check Out One Piece Pirate Warriors 3’s Initial Menus


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  • Morgiana


    • You`re welcome :D!

      • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

        How many characters will this game have?

  • chris

    Thanks Jack now hopefully I win the game

    • You`Re welcome sir, and good luck!

      • RuffyDragonGarp

        Is there any hope for a shop translation?

  • KidKojack

    How much will the PS4 version cost on PSN?

    • Around 8000 Yen w/Tax (This cost me 8003 yen physical lol)

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    HYPE~ Now to pray I get lucky lol.

  • Guest

    You are the best, are there following Ingame Menü? Aleso where did you preorder?

  • Kiera

    Thank you so much, hope Ingame Menüs follow. So you bought it locally? Hope I can buy it today at 4pm thanks to Time Diffrence from Germany to Japan.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    I’ll just wait until it is availble in North America. But thanks for covering it.

  • Ali Mustafa

    Hope you can do more translation vids, I’m getting my copy from play Asia Monday or Tuesday can’t wait. Thanks. Also how is it on ps4? I’m curious to see how it plays.

  • Slasher

    Is there anyway i can change the O to select back to X?