Polnareff and Hol Horse Confirmed For JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven


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  • Gamejtv

    Polnareff in game. Instant buy.

    • Magnus morken

      indeed <3

    • Ahtma

      I’d instant buy for wheelchair Polnareff.

      • Alongside Mr. President!

        • Ahtma

          That could totally work into his ultimate or something. SCR comes out, he turns into Mr. President, and SCR stays on the field as a support AI.

          • You cant control Polnareff but only SCR as SCR puts PolPol into Mr. Presidents body! 😀
            When the opponents get too close to SCR it could stun them for PolPols tag partner to do damage and also for a short time the opponent characters switch to their partners character!

            • Ahtma

              Oh man, that’d be sick. They’d have to make SCR run though, otherwise people would just stay as far away from the walking character swap as possible.

  • Trvp Lord ™✈

    i never got into Jojo’s bizarre adventure is good someone tell me about it ?

  • lewis beechey

    I hope the English version doesn’t call him Jean Pierre Eiffel again

    • Doubtful on an English version. But yes that is the reason why I never played the English version outside of the demo (so many bad translations and weird character name changes).

      • Edith Reese!

        Because America.

        • lewis beechey

          I had the EU copy and im pretty sure that theres different teams for each country.