Check Out Sasuke’s Story Mode Selection Menu in Higher Quality


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  • Asta

    Oh, this is interesting!

  • Bdock3601

    Hmmmm, thx. Give a little to think about as far as the story goes

  • Akirascreaming


  • Naruto_2015


  • LucsXIII

    Really interesting

  • The story mode doesn’t just have Sasuke’s point of view. But this is a combine Naruto and Sasuke’s story mode.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re aware.

      • It is too bad that Free Roam has been taken out of Storm 4. Oh well. Hope they give use a lot of content for it being gone.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          I’m glad it’s gone. If they aren’t going to make it like the first game there’s no point it was a waste of time on storm 2 and after. It wasn’t that difficult to make a linear world like that. So if you’re expecting a lot of content for a removal like that then I’ll tell you to contain yourself.

          • It’s about balance. Remove something then be prepared to replace it with something else of the same value. Equivalent Exchange if you get the reference?

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Game development isn’t always as easy as 2+2 and for we know they could be adding more cutscences, new characters and maybe a few small things. Regardless if you aren’t satisfied with the game I feel like you (along with others) will complain that they didn’t add enough to “justify” removing a shallow open world.

              • The removal of the free roam was from the very beginning of development TGTZ. They know that by taking something as big as free roam from out # Storm experience then they NEED to replace it with something that would not only keep us playing after the release date but have the less amount of backlash from us the consumers.

                Which is why they asked for the delay. To make sure that everything they had planned goes through. They wouldn’t waste BNE’s money(which is a big blow to them since they were expecting a Fall release) just for something that can be done in 2 months and not 6 months. At most a delay of what they were asking would have pushed the game back to at least a Holiday 2015 release(December most likely).

                So in conclusion, the delay MUST be something big or BNE will lose more money then what they thought to make back with this game.

          • MasterShwagg

            I agree. I’d rather not have a free roam than have another one like Storm 2, 3, or Revolution.

          • Onyekachi Awele Ogu

            yes i’m so glad storm 4 free roam is gone, if they’re not going to do the free roam from storm 1 or the mini games like jumping from tree to tree then just take out free roam, the one in storm 2 and 3 sucked so bad it was too linear and boring and unnecessary.

  • Tengu Prodigy

    Good post. This whole site is really good tbh, from the UI to the backgrounds and logos. Why isn’t this place more popular, seriously…

    • Probably has to do with this site being the “one in a million” type.

      • Tengu Prodigy


        • Basically one of many sites that covers anime, anime movies and anime games alike. Not being rude here, but no one can say it is the ONLY one around. Just the ones that you and me personally likes better than the rest.

          • Tengu Prodigy

            Guess I’m confused because no one mentioned they are the only site around like this so I don’t really know why you brought that up.

            • Just think of it as personal tastes. Some people like effort and some people don’t. It depends on the individuals.

      • Tengu Prodigy

        Also what I mean is this site to me screams effort. They get top quality translations on top of all of that. Seriously, this place deserves more recognition. Similar places don’t have the same feel imo.

        • Trust me I spread this site around.

          So I know what you are talking about.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Appreciate it thank you

          • Tengu Prodigy

            Woah, do you run this place all alone? Good job anyway, I’ll be visiting more often.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Two more writers and some translators.

  • Jon Frey

    Cool can’t wait

  • Skorm94

    That is one good looking selection menu.

  • Marcelo Olecram

    The small points gonna be normal fights. The big ones gonna be boss fights. The purple ones is main story. The orange ones are Naruto’s Story. The Blue ones are the Sasuke’s Story. 21 normal fights and 13 boss fights.

  • Bilal12345

    Storm 4 story mode should be removed which will be most likely and add some multiplayer mini games

    • |*✲*☆Grimmjow*✲*☆| Madara


      • Bilal12345

        Lmao you telling me to shut up? I don’t even know why you’re angry G.O.D grimmjow ? haha get a life you probably a little 12 year old